Evan Harrison

Para el oído oscuro de Vallejo
     after “Heces”

It’s a tar day, you wave a coma noon; carry no
tangled onus, devolve, veer, core a sun.

It’s a tar day, a dual say. Poor can know a desire.
This day graced a pain; this day dab your hair.

It’s a tar day in Lima, you waver. You’re a quarter
lost, carve air as cruel as day, miss ingratitude;
may blackened day, a loose brace, hew a map
of mass fairly, say too “No solace, I see.”

Missive lent as florescent egress; elaborate and
ignore, maybe dreaded; entrench or glance ill.
Upon the rail, silent odes on shuddering need
connote less came on to sell pounds of denial.

Poorest, it’s a tar day, coma noon, convey
co-nesting bruises, co-nesting core a son.

The others pass on and even doom interest in
too many, pour quotidian
inhalant, rupturing already haunted, dull ore.

It’s a tar day, you wave, you waver much. No
tangled onus, devolve, veer, core a sun.

People Walk in a Row Wearing Masks

Face one:
               I understand our condition
Face two:
               Put country first with plastic cement
Face four:
               A matter of digging connectedly reading the right shit
Face six:
               Passionate about appraisal restoration shellac
Face seven:
               Fortune ate a worked-over slab
Face nine:
               Central Center Center
Face ten:
               Soul as effigy gestural hocked
Face eleven:
               Digital holdings as in fingers
Face twelve:
               I want a tangible image by which to remember
Face thirteen:
               Cusp mapping bone tossing
Face fourteen:
               Heartburn as lifestyle
Face fifteen:
               Husky analogies to chess
Face sixteen:
               I recommend the leather margins
Face seventeen:
               My car is like my first home
Face nineteen:
               Everything seduces
Face twenty:
               I get it

Evan Harrison is a student at The Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. He previously lived in Greensboro, North Carolina. His poems have appeared in Corradi.

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