Jenny Enochsson


Stone blocks and serviettes from passer-by
windows morning but still nightly nimbus
intra-arterially into train grotto cemented
but granite pulps peep out
now awaiting steam snorting meeting
chiroptera slumber in beam of the roof
perforated arches dripping delicate lightning

it, hmm, may be a reversible process
i.e. if expressway survives sonic bang
meanwhile? injector intensity detonators
flashlight fluttering graphology on the wall

red signal die-cast boot soles’ approaching
crumble marcasite-like in gravel grass
molasses drenched leather glutinous steps
the curve is here somewhere?
reptile with sugar fang smiles while venom
ferments pyrite-scaled snake bugger
shows off at the mantle’s transition zone

fuming rail beyond hydrothermal passage
fertile cloud forests spread on scalps
like earth crust dreams he was
run over by a stray tender his
buffer kneecaps’ fainting-fits the
sweeping force by which it sighed.

Almandine Wine

Tormented by sugilite-purple iciness
in the mouth like mint with tinfoil
his rolled up paper a cold cod
perpetuated place where the star sapphire’s
hexagram appeared before flaneur friend
congelation then il sonno in snowdrift

Grumpy lightning in the café
shrug that leaches enamel
a tamed tubby Vermilion Flycatcher
flies over ambergris incense

The almandine wine’s blessed tannin
frictional heat in the throat
no reduced salvia production
drumstick fingers’ measured departure

Venereal vetivert tuft on the desk
musty moist alcove but the flame
moves methyl chloride quickly
January sun covered in pyrite powder
but waxy and porous like
a dog-chewed candle when teeth
sink into green tamarinds
out again a distressed alley
sizzling brass in his breast.

Icebreaker Café

Fusion of glass et aluminum
poured into paint an uneven
wall film for icebreaker café a
complete teeter-totter washout
freeze distillation desolation
bar neon coded krypton
sooty agate aggregate she
scrapes off the tallow patina
from the steaming steel relic
miniaturized but secreting
gamma and heavy heliotrope

during thaw surging they eat
dopamine drops incessantly
she likes lower deck tired of
jovial jukebox yodel tinnitus
you hit the machine sock in
the eye till it played out, right?
twined rubber veins with
frothing fluorescent ether
trans fat ballast dumping
whose turn to fluidize tonight?

Jenny Enochsson is 33 years old and lives in Uppsala, Sweden. She has an MA in Ethnology and Folklore, but is currently reeducating herself to become a Swedish-English translator. Her poems have recently been published in ditch, and another piece will appear in the Spring issue of The Meadowland Review. For further information visit her personal blog Cinnamon and her collaborative poetry blog Flowers of Sulfur.

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Blogger Ande said...

Wonderful poems. "Tonnell" is a real hot house. The tunel is humid dimness;

"it hmm, may be a reversible process
i.e. if expressway survives sonic bang"

"Almandine Wine" re-creates late 19th century wine-café's for me and "Icebreaker Café" has a strange ice needle feeling over it. All of them rings of potent voices. Thank you.

5:07 AM  

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