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sean burn's third full length collection of writing - wings are giving out (www.skrevpress.com / isbn 978-1-904646-56-3) was recently launched and has already been shortlisted for a dada fest 2009 disability arts award. in these seven long texts commissioned and toured across europe you will find voltaire as a 300 year old tyneside barista, riffs on free-improvising pianist marilyn crispell, responses to some of eva švankmajerová's many amazing and provocative surrealisms, an exploration of mental distress and recovery, love and loss, ultimately revealing pearls within the city and crossing the borders between poetry and song. david caddy said of this collection in tears in the fence: sean burn is keeping the alternative poetry scene alive and kicking. here we see poems that seek to ride outside of cosy restraint and an easy life to engage with a large and troubling world.

otoliths 15 published the first half of this suite created during sean's time as artist in residence, cesta, czech republic and exhibited at cesta during undercovered festival, august 2009.

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