Stu Hatton

Four Sevens


We can always get more.
For reassurance.
Looking for something selfish,
read the field.
‘People prefer things over people.’
‘Glad I’m not dualistic
like you guys.’


The word again
is ‘interface’.
Conversant with.
Our heads lie before us.
(‘Drown inside’.)
I go hooded.


They mistake words for things.
Won’t say ‘I’ any more –
how could you?
An artist wants a world
different again from how she finds it.
Those profiting from their careful errors.
Exhibition of picture frames.

Couldn't return her
gaze with a straight
phrase. Got hoaxed. Casualties
of noise. Performed upon. Your
chauffeured defiance / closet
hetero- &
other violations.

Stu Hatton is a Melbourne-based poet, blogger and freelancer who teaches writing and editing at Deakin University. His first collection of poems will be entitled How to be Hungry.

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