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1998. A set of 6 mouse pad shaped loose pages that are also a wall book with words and images recto and verso housed in a black box cover, approximately 8" x 10" x 1½" deep. Together the work in a line is approximately 40" long. Watercolor and gouache, ghosts of mice and their shadows prevail. Many words such as "sapient milieu gorgeous gnash paroxysm aspect offend". On the bottom, "hear it, see it, taste it," etc. of the 5 senses. Alternating, is "click clack" and the five letters, one on each of "P O S I T". On the reverse is "S E N S E", these are also numbered 1 through 5. Bowls are there too.....

Uninvited mice visitors in my house prod me into expanding the Mouse Control Series. Each page has a mouse in contact - interaction with letters, words, ghosts and shadows. The loose pages side by side spell out the words in color "POSIT", and in grays "SENSE" verso. Each page has one of each of the letters in the word, in spelling order, and numbers 1 - 5, with additional text. Example: "S" verso page is on the back of the "P" recto page,"E" on the back of "O", etc. and all the numbers match recto and verso. Sometimes the life size mouse tries to hide on the set of 5 mouse pad shaped pages and on the introductory page that contains cutouts /silhouettes of mice. Sometimes they succeed. Each mouse lives in its own playful/dramatic situation, one mouse on each "POSIT" page, and in communities on the "SENSE" pages. Five paper mice are also available here to be placed by the participating viewer/reader/curator.

There is a master/original and an edition of 2 color copies.

Since 1977, Marilyn Rosenthal Rosenberg has produced a body of work consisting of more than 600 titles that include visual poems, artists’ books, mail art, drawings, small press/chap books, unique sculptural bookworks, artists’ stamps, and various other works. Some are in editions, many are one of a kind pieces. A small percentage were created with collaborators.

She has exhibited widely, and her books and art works are included in many public collections across the world.

Her most recent books are RED, a long visual poem done as an artists' book, Otoliths, 2008; etceteras, a 56 page visual poetry artists’ book published by Luna Bisonte Prods, Columbus, Ohio, 2010; and this is visual poetry, a 16 page chapbook published by Chapbook Publisher, Kingston, PA., 2010.

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