Dorothee Lang & Karyn Eisler & Susan Gibb



Artists' note: "Both visuals developed parallel to a conversation about the different forms of reasoning we subconsciously embraced while working on a multi-layered hypertextproject. The systematic architecture and definitive layout of hypertext represents the advanced planning and deductive reasoning we found ourselves engaged in. Inductive reasoning was also central to our artistic collaboration, with the messier back-and-forth, ground-up, unanticipated and spontaneous development of words, structures, and images."

Dorothee Lang is an author, visual artist, and the editor of BluePrintReview. She lives in Germany.

Karyn Eisler is a creative sociologist on faculty at Langara College. She lives in Canada.

Susan Gibb is a writer in straight and hypertext form. She lives in Connecticut, USA.

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Blogger Sherry O'Keefe said...

i found this by way of sheri. i've tagged this as a favorite and will be back for more. what a great collaboration!

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