Raymond Farr

Lucky Imaginary Animal Poem Becomes a Wrong Situation
For Miles Champion

I had been posing again

On grey-clouded backs of
Squash-born appaloosas

Up high

Deranged apple sauces spat lipstick / failed quantity
Cast pearls into oblivion

Of man-hooded cobra

typist FOR SALE /must go

At twelve words per hour
What is the meaning of

I had been dreaming again
Of Chagall’s ankle high

Hoe in my handsomeness
Of bad beliefs

I buckled under skivvies’
Equine persona

Someone has tampered
With my file again

I suffer invisible man animal pains

As all music
Is a beautiful balloon

A blade of what kind of
Imaginary grass or terrapin

Am I today?
I had been pretending again

My assistant wore permafrost blowfish ointment parfum

A cure for purple mood swings
She deadened tall cilia
Baked into nerve ends

At the foot of the steps
At the bench in the park
At the nook in the crook
I breeched her virginity

Surfing the juke box of juke boxes
I slammed “Siggy” Freud

Into egg plant base elements
I charred all my toe nails

In das boot polonaise
I Lemon Pledged all my beeps

My head in her coc spoon
I cackled Jon Donne

Amber-glassed abstraction

Bluer than
The blue something
I was meant
To behold

My cousin the cosine…
Meet Vinnie the Peach

His powders are speed
Powdered like colors

Oddly hung doors seem like an elbow to me

A frame out of reference

To wreck
& rework

Over holiday entrails
Matter’s a semaphore

He walks on
Like snow days

A skylark square zoo produces
A heart

There is no continuum
Like the Bonsai continuum

I have too many heads

Velocity its hammer
Is only a subject
Of the subject itself

Either I’m Starkist
Flung at Man Ray

A wild wild window
Or his potions are knock offs

The question / equation
Whose tires are glades

Repeats like a windmill
A hand in the memoir

Shakes ball cock at England

This page is a saint
& all out of aspirin

My cupboard is barer
Than long giant atoms

Every gesture a land grab
I am sending you tubes

Digest every semblance
As gifts I devolve

The melody is dandruff

32,000 hand sewn novelty gift anacondas
Disguised as the “figurative”

& still I cant cha cha

Each referent’s a referent
A silo Ma Barker

The animus growled
Whose days are these shoes?

I extol him whose mouth
In the shape of a tulip

The capsules
Were books

The hidden ourari
The Death Moth has ruined

The ending is comic

I put on that suit
Wired with azure

A cinder of pages
The pages were sleeves

More truth in quotations
Than truth in the north

I have one I ignite
Without reason to kiss it

misc. tooth
Demands I imagine

I have space
In my mind

I am all about the chewing
Of abstraction that’s chewing

The teeth of a product
The plu perfect tense wielded by Sartre

A gill’s Product Zero
Almost inhuman

My gout has a table
I relish a radish

My knife & my fork
Take pennies for brides

This I attest to

What follows
Is breath

Raymond Farr lives in Ocala, FL with his dog Jasper and his books. His work appears most recently in Cricket On Line Review, ditch, Letterbox, BlazeVox2k9, Venereal Kittens, ex-ex-lit, EOAGH, Moria, The Argotist On Line, &, of course, Otoliths. He published a chap book, Two hats Appear When Applauded as part of the Dusie Kollektiv. Several of his pomes were selected for the First Sidebrow Anthology. For more info and samples of his work visit mjonesrview.blogspot.com.

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