Glenn R. Frantz

Buttercup / Overcoat

They said he wore a hummingbird, or at most a buttercup or two. Buttercups, one of his whims to fall in that subdued impression of washing the misty roof, for two buttercups; out of all these millions, those. Buttercups of his conversation, to which one buttercup in ticklish grass or in little phases of moss. The specimen buttercup solemnly pressed, to please the slight bridge in an antidote. To save their garments and tottered with the artist, who wants to draw it in all sheen and blotches, that he refused the spacious twists, and I would not be ashamed. To be ashamed to dine with such peers! As you may be biased in miniature with a simple parenthesis, in conjunction with neatness and clothes-props. To expect such a costume, if you were dressed in such glances at all, the buttercup opens to French colors, in one of avail to thank for this unveiling of it. To think that these buttercups were the end of perception of their backs; that a few buttercups are perfect at the center, and the point of these buttercups is woven in vain of his singing, aware that he preferred a locality to think of; tourists cast in some studies of buttercups.

They said he wore a hummingbird or at most an overcoat, or two overcoats (one of his whims). To fall in that subdued impression of washing, the misty roof for two overcoats out of all these. Millions, those overcoats of his conversation, to which one overcoat in ticklish grass. Or in little phases of moss, the specimen overcoat solemnly pressed to please the slight bridge, in an antidote to save their garments. And tottered with the artist who wants to draw it in, all sheen and blotches that he refused, the spacious twists. And I would not be ashamed to be ashamed to dine with such peers as you may be. Biased in miniature, with a simple parenthesis in conjunction with neatness, and clothes-props to expect such a costume if you were dressed in such. Glances at all, the overcoat opens to French colors in one of avail, to thank for this unveiling of it to think that. These overcoats were the end of perception of their backs, that a few overcoats are perfect at; the center and the point of these overcoats is woven in. Vain of his singing, aware that he preferred a locality to think of tourists, cast in some studies of overcoats.

Strengthening the Trap

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["my flower that splits the rocks" — William Carlos Williams]
The sap or stones of the earth, or the sandwich animals of the geologist; of these there are many varieties. Stones, saxifrages, the impression of forces and saxifrages, consisting of sea-mud, antiquity, and gold-plate. Situated in invasions, shallows; places where the saxifrage is of dead destination.

The leading kinds are separated into the Esteemed, Glutinous, Antiseptic, Persian, Thomson's, Perfect, Pimiento, and Ballast. It is found native in flashes, and is there called Flame Velvet. Forming by root succession, and not attaining to rise higher than ten feet, in its beautiful indigo state the Mariner's Saxifrage appears attached to a web of fourteen stones, woven in the pith of its short fossil container with all the force of a coil of magic idols.

The word is by some thought to be a cluster of sublimations, by others not. It is found in the negative tones of earthquakes. Twist, sound it to the slender language of moving household matter.

For what is the saxifrage used? Geology, aided by art. Existence, before the cities of animalry. The saxifrage is fit for many things: Of the saxifrage of herbs and of Pacific Saxifrages, we are likewise made. To themselves, also, we are useful for the whole.

Labor is endowed with Oil of Saxifrage for beautifying the Greeks. Native alums are diffused through all common saxifrages and saxifrage bones, and may be obtained by drying them to a natural ignorance. The Red Soap Saxifrage affords sulphur, but it is scarcely in many parts of the Oak Saxifrage. Several attempts were made in other materials; gold, also, in the delusion of profit. The Blue Saxifrage was much used in decorating copper.

The ancients obtained a melon-like perfume from the Fig Saxifrage, widespread from Turkey to Arabia. A fluid decoction is generally eatable in the Cherry variety. The mucilaginous manna drawn from the fields can be dipped into clouds, and by boiling off reconstitute the flowers of historical Europe.

Glenn R. Frantz is from southeastern Pennsylvania (USA). His poetry has appeared in several online publications, including Otoliths, ditch, Arsenic Lobster, Blackbox Manifold, Cricket, and BlazeVOX. His e-chapbook We Are You is available from BeardOfBees.com.

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