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the southpaw wastrels

traffic on the half-doily

trog porridge for bondage enthusiasts

van cartouche

gustave morin, a para-literary agent provocateur since his teens — published widely, if obscurely — has been working the associated fields of composition & performance, plying his various written works, graphic constructions & reluctant performances on the page, on the stage and in white cubes above ground and below since the late eighties. A string of recent publications include SUCKER (December 2009) and Rare Sheet Music (March 2010, both published by Stained Paper Archive) and forthcoming in May, 2010, A Psychowestern, published by Media City Editions. Other recent publications include: 79 Little Explosions and Q-Bert Stranded on A Smouldering Mosquitocoil Frozen To A Space Formerly Occupied By Language (2009), Nein Typos (Tonerworks, 2008), Off the Fly (Griddle Grin, 2008), Les Scribblistes (Produce Press, 2008) and The Etcetera Barbecue (Bookthug 2006). Older titles include the "marginalized" midnight classic A Penny Dreadful (2003), p.mody’s dada boutique (1997), Sun Kissed Oranges (co-authored with Sergio Forest,1995), and Rusted Childhood Memoirs (1994). Meanwhile, typographic trade secrets gleaned through intensive study of concrete have become personal weapons of choice since 2008... He resides at Chez Gargoyle in an anonymous frontiertown in Canada where he somehow ekes out a modest existence working in the arts — when he is not fighting a very dim city hall.

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