Jon Curley and Grey Space

from how u haiku

lost so many friends
endings glimmer like fingers
reaching for roses

less alone at last
a new friend came with a muse
who knows who is whom?

Haiku Hawaii!!
swahili savior sonnets!!
arctic limericks

blue roses for art
black roses for bleeding heart
bruises refuse white

don we now spirit
to face what spits in our face
transcending spite’s space

poems with teeth shine
time will sharpen and sand mine
into points of view

till death do us part
we will combine fine patterns
& break some dishes

when the signal died
i dialed again & again
& again & a-

when the pen explodes
shallow light turns deep dark a

hades’ harlequins
purgatory’s predators
compete for heaven

Christian ladies lie
crucifucking goodlooking
military boys

mailed my heart today
electricity for art
kept the postage stamp

bi boy with good looks
i tried “hi” – what is his type?
“in tri-state a day”

our bodies, our shelves:
look up your book & your back --
hard spines binding both!

the silver lining
a weather vane’s divining
strikes u like lightning

i am feeling bored
don we now gay apparel
fustian fag force

we will sing & sing
where rooms are wombs – never tombs
& blue flowers spring

waked in the wrong house
George & Laura Bush were there
sitting on my chair!

alchemy of free:
for every lock inmates make
a skeleton key

how can we riot
when every red is whited?
boy, we’ve got the blues..

go for it! – po-it
pivot & rivet tightly
hammer light in rhyme

sweet sense in our art
turns bitter pill of real world
into placebo

Jon Curley's first poetry volume, New Shadows, was published last Fall by Dos Madres Press. He teaches at New Jersey Insitute of Technology.

Grey Space: poet-prophet-non-profit-artist-activist.

The complete how u haiku can be found in pdf format here.

A performance of how u haiku can be found here.
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