Kirsten Kaschock

mikku #1: tinman

Integration: feel-
ingly, my brain sparks inside
its tin cylinder


he creaks: this is his
rift between a project-of
-body and body


she is a she. he
is a she in his many
open shames. seams rust


cleansed, lights pore my throat
through and down another night
alley. I vomit end


: a knot tightened just until
rope— lets itself go


there. his monkey hand
finds one horizon to show
how to move across


distance is tonic.
a balm note at symphony
close: a seattling


what is answered? not
axed. what has the axe done? what
have you with an axe?


the first cyborg I
ever loved was trying to
"limit exposure"


swallowed no coin, if
a medium— not between
monies. un-alloyed


was it heart he missed
or god not in the clanking
space? bending was hard


rain problem— suffer
the attempt to avoid tears
with an umbrella

Kirsten Kaschock's first book of poetry, Unfathoms, is available from Slope Editions. a beautiful name/for a girl is upcoming from Ahsahta Press. She is now at work on a prosepoetic beast entitled The Dottery. Currently a Ph.D. fellow in dance at Temple University, Kirsten lives with her family in Philadelphia, where she novels, poems, and dissertates.

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