Marcia Arrieta

a poem from/for sculptures—chillida-leku

searching the light
trail V

silent music
a forest of trees
a farmhouse
stone & wave

music of the spheres
music of the constellations
listen to the sculptures:



tracks of the moon—
beyond domesticity

the sun moves toward the tangent of the angle
the height of the pine
what hours shall we include?

seas & continents
meridians & parallels—
the shepherd's dial or
an old pocket watch

islands inside out

individual elaborates unrealized

the idea beyond nothingness

                  the rock.     the tree.

source of

ink. paint.

first line.   last line.   creates a game board

geography of the minds

                  without map

contrary to the mundane

written moments escape con-
undrums wound clocks tight
briefcase tie interior of look
a pencil undisclosed flowers
time water minutes deep unravel

desert wanderings

might understand. caught. again.

on the edge of abandon the words

are rearranged sparrows & parrots

remember rapturous

remember fulcrum

estranged concepts

scramble the lines // "the habit of freedom"

birds & muses

puzzle [the]

structure. surface. transparent. unknown.
pieces of blue glass in the everglades.
ten thousand islands. look for the birds
hidden in trees. the light/the shadows.
fields of sunflowers. fields of murmur.
the wind is a cloudbank. walk in layered.
walk in sculpted. reflective stones.

itineraries/to cross the water

opposite & preceding.   a shooting star or a komodo dragon.
the different stages of the moon's evolution.   a quilt with silk embroidery.
bears.   tigers.   a place for sculpture.   secrets.   wisdom.   a farmhouse.
rare books.   native philosophy.   romance languages.   a thousand miles.
a thousand voices.   queries.   scholars.   black holes.   meteors.
a goldfish.   or maybe a parrot.   the space before fly away.

Marcia Arrieta's recent work can be found in anything anymore anywhere, alice blue, The Scrambler, BlazeVOX, and Melusine. She edits and publishes Indefinite Space, a poetry journal. One day she hopes to visit The Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland, as well as live on Mallorca for a time.

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