Michael Brandonisio

Mussolini's Ghost

Preview Far(ur)thest Reaches

Mod ought_ past under passed the wherewithall w/limited
infusion 88. Stepping aside automatic search through. Finding fast the
fungus of the fingernail rake. Caritas jejune. Orion skinned Hebrides is the perfect place
outside this place no longer where here it was. Just a second a go a secant spliff then. He
brides a she like that. Aromatic aroma that I knew you once whence whitened
and the very benefit of it. That it left no compass but a spasm contretemps.

So-called because named a name named diverse crinoline
With walkway wet sweat of the bride he who diverged
Pleasant absorbed compliments of the chef. Hers pastiche vers
vestibule simpatico a fine mist wrapped around hers.

Leaving the umbrellas astride the chicken pot nonplussed. At the very
Late hour giddy. Phase management a growing curve learning

The offender works
Established and encouraged
Bumps feet in that situation wasn’t.

Cooperation the best defense one last thing he kept saying saying. There’s left not more
than a good enough job. Actually might makes right selection narrative or distinctive
taking the worry and whew. Exclusive for a secong well who cares again who cares.
Blacked out bad temper try make clear. Where right now circle nuts bad crazy wonderful
disappointment half-empty whack out. Homegrown that’s where you see fiber optic
Mediterranean commitment that lives promotion lobster.

Remember last year but this year. Switch and welcome cooler.
Everyone wants one. Sexy fun references a sunnyside splash of color
Vertically inclined a lesser degree. Nothing more better nothing
Less retaining divides outer wall discourse deviated from the norm (so-called)
Culled backwards. Diversionary tactic of the aristocratic sleight-

La Nonna

The Age of Anxiety Revised

                “The future is uncertain and the end is always near” — Jim Morrison

Throw the golden key into a lake. Theories fall apart in a blink. It is time to make amends for sybarites have no regrets. When the meltdown comes round masses will flock to porn houses, leave reality TV in a wastebasket. Depression wears a smiley face. Nostradamus predicted it. Build outdoor decks. Disregard infrastructure. Get busy. Be industrious. Go fishing. Harvest excrement in a fish bowl.

Oxygen toxic with naysayers. A European Prime Minister plays the lyre & croons his love ballads while denizens of EUR siesta themselves into a frenzy. Pray worship sing the blues smash a tambourine. The panacea will soon arrive in the guise of a fresh amaryllis. Meanwhile, the golden key resurfaces from the bottom of the lake. With key in hand unlock the primordial gate that leads to the 21st century’s Holy Grail — a halved coconut imported tax-free from Viti Levu.

Holy fruit of the earth’s flesh. Holy dung.

In Memory of John Keats

Michael Brandonisio's varied lit and visual forms have recently appeared, or will be, in Whisper & Scream, Sex and Murder, BluePrintReview and >kill author.

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