Paul Siegell

some hot pepper people

Paul Siegell sits surrounded by as much orange as he can pin up on the gray walls of his cubicle at work: A Philadelphia Flyers goalie celebrating a huge win in his orange uniform (33), Picasso's Three Musicians, a sweeping orange watercolor squirrel and an awesomely upside-down cover of a Vladimir Pozner book. There's also a distressed headshot of Gonzo and a vispo Frenchman playing the upright bass, but they're not orange, and neither is the pinned-up first page of Paul's third book of poetry, wild life rifle fire (Otoliths Books, 2010), that's next to the shot of Joseph Kittinger's August 16, 1960 record-breaking skydive from nearly 20 miles up in space. This bio has gotten outta hand. Other pieces from hot pepper people have appeared in Moria and Antique Children, and all kinds of other things (signed copies?) are at ReVeLeR @ eYeLeVeL.

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