Jean Vengua

Jean Vengua's poetry and essays have appeared in numerous print and online journals and anthologies. With New Zealand/Australian poet Mark Young, she has co-edited The First Hay(na)ku Anthology, and The Hay(na)ku Anthology, Vol. II. Jean was the winner of the Filamore Tabios Sr. Memorial Poetry Prize (2007). Her book, Prau, was published in 2007 by Meritage Press; her chapbook, The Aching Vicinities, was published by Otoliths (Australia) in 2006. She is currently completing a poetry manuscript, Corporeal. Her blog is prau.

What is (or has been) your favorite editing project and why?

My first-ever editing and publishing adventure was great fun; I co-edited and published with Liz Pisares the Debut: The Making of a Filipino-American film, a screenplay about Filipino American teens, written and directed by Gene Cajayon and John Manal Castro. It was a high-energy project; we worked with a community of enthusiastic and inspiring young people who were determined to see the film succeed.

The creepiest (yet oddly enjoyable) editing experience I’ve had involved editing a mystery novel manuscript about a book editor/publisher who receives a manuscript from a murderer/writer who reveals in the text that he has just committed a real murder, and plans to carry out another. It did make me wonder for just a moment about my client…

…and I am very proud of having co-edited the Hay(na)ku Anthologies I & II with poet, editor, and publisher, Mark Young.

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