Ivy Alvarez

Ivy Alvarez is the author of Mortal (Washington, DC: Red Morning Press, 2006). A recipient of writing residencies from MacDowell Colony (USA), Hawthornden Castle (UK) and Fundacion Valparaiso (Spain), her poetry is published in journals and anthologies in many countries and online. She blogs at www.ivyalvarez.com.

What is (or has been) your favorite editing project and why?

My favourite editing project is a series of poetry chapbook anthologies (published by The Private Press), inspired by director David Lynch's film and TV work. So far, I have edited A Slice of Cherry Pie (inspired by Twin Peaks) and We Don't Stop Here (Mulholland Drive), with the next chapbook anthology Deep River Apartments (Blue Velvet) coming out this year.

I am a great admirer of Lynch's work and I know the poems arising from an engagement with his work will be a continual source of joy, intrigue, delicious frustration and emotional/intellectual stimulation. It's by no means finished yet and I'm really anticipating reading and selecting the poems for the anthologies to come.

Although... my guest-editing stint on Cordite, with its Zombie 2.0 theme, might provide its own particular delights.

from The Everyday English Dictionary


                somehow today feels like Mexico
                the stunted bray
                the switching ears in heat
                causing roads to sway

                I could dream I split
                the creature’s belly open
                scoop its innards to one side
                crawl right in that red cave
                save a piece of sweet
                heart to chew on
                blood cooling on my skin

                Land’s End
                bells and bleats and nubbed grass
                leg and tooth
                staked to the ground
                the chain defines a small circumference
                green blades out of reach

                his chin
                soft by night

                burnt books                               an empty library

                in brackish water, we swam
                stained by tea-tree’s bark
                his letters
                all awkward limbs
                eager mouth

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