Travis Macdonald

4 excerpts from Hoop Cores
an anagrammatic astrology project


Tough or beastly now, with evil over-assertion, as woeful ethylene dodoes moan so—oh god—demeaned on dirty tit, lame-duck tuition, you go. Sniveling halo in splotches. Enchant or up the inanity ante. Nauseate carefully…a hush deaf-mute ovation.

Answer: Be sensitive to your personal needs as well as the needs of those you live with. Someone could make an unanticipated demand. You might feel that you don’t have enough control over a financial situation. Tonight: Let your hair down.


Compound engine or incontinent fart? Fainthearted hesitating utopian icons provoke the hate-mongering, poison-pen treasury geeks. Top-notch snob floggings and odious agony.

Answer: Keep conversations open. Things could be happening too fast for your taste. You keep responding to an ongoing and changing situation. Tonight: Consider entertaining from home.


Tiny, honey-sweet, if hesitative thought: extreme white-hot toad fondling ahoy! Ravenous row of weepy, tone-deaf harlots, woozily worn out. Annoying, unctuous, ordinary muck.

Answer: Zero in on what you want. You can only do something with the help of a key friend. Revise your vision of what you want. Use extreme care with your funds. Tonight: Don’t go too late.


Oafishly unaware of oblivion, you dummy on dearest. A treacherous, laudatory lovebird. A noble, rough-cut stereotype of virility. Easy-to-use innocence. Every incessant memory of growth retained.

Answer: Move away from your responsibilities only after you feel you have met your demands. You could be very confusing to an older friend or relative. Try to be as clear as you can. Tonight: Where the action is.

Travis Macdonald’s poetry and prose has appeared in Anemone Sidecar, Bombay Gin, Court Green, Ditch, E-Ratio, FastForward, House Press: Source Material, InStereo, Jacket, Matter, Otoliths, Requited and elsewhere. In his spare time, he co-edits Fact-Simile Editions from Santa Fe, NM

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It is as if Chinese fortune cookies mated with Catholic catechism.
Great mix.

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