Anne Gorrick

When the Heron Forgot His Own Font
for Geof Huth

                                                                           Feather your ontogeny
                                                                           Negate yourself in heathered fog
                                                                           Hunt your thorny froth

A toffee orgy, an earthen thong
Turf huffs in ethane
our gaffes

                                             A hefty faery: fat honey in her teeth
                                             his hanger rehung

They gather under their nonage

                                                                           Theory regnant as garnets, just north of ardent

Hearth or gunnery?

                              Tenon greyed, also henna haunted

                                                            Hyena and fern and hunger and ghetto

               Hater                                  =                           afferent

                                                                           As luck would have it: Roentgen
                                                                           the green enthroned
                                                                           a teeny throng

Theories instead of eyes
Hornets instead of honey
Frogs instead of argent

                                                                           Rage hung with 40 feathers

His eager attempts to (she said) neaten (he said “master”) the fog

Her Heart Etched by Cranes
for NF Huth

                                                                                                         Hyenas entrenched with cheetahs

                              Look (point) – there is an enchantment in the hay


Those carney heathen!

                                                            Arcane in anarchy and heft

                                             It’s funny, you know: a canary…here

               Her antenna, also her achene               or                    the tyranny of funyarn

                              She frays in cayenne
                              at the Café Henna

                                                                                          Her chafe at the nth entry

All furnace and farce and nunnery
or a fern hatchery

               She recants both:
               nacre and nectar

Haunch fact

                                                            A yacht fans the nether reef

                                                                                                Could her ether hat be any more cyan?

               Rennet after her hunches, her chert

                                                                                          Ecru, cure, curt, cur

The courage to teach the nuanced tenancy

Anne Gorrick's first full-length book of poetry, Kyotologic, was published in 2008 by Shearsman Books (Exeter, UK). New books, I Formation (I) and I Formation II, are due out beginning in Fall 2010 and 2011, also from Shearsman Books.

She writes: "My work inhabits a space embodying both place and machine, and is informed by living near New York's Hudson River my whole life. I also am captivated by all kinds of mechanical gardens - trains and their tracks, cars, tools, senseless metals. I am currently working on a series of poems that are experiments with translation engines, creating sense into nonsense back into sense again. I am hostage to the accident, the fragment, the unexpected. The experience of putting language through a mechanical process makes words more into things and then somehow more malleable, more surprising.

"In addition to my written work, I also curate a reading series called Cadmium Text that features innovative writing from in and around the Hudson Valley. More information can be found at www.cadmiumtextseries.blogspot.com

"I also co-curate with Lynn Behrendt the electronic poetry journal Peep/Show, a taxonomic investigation into various poets serial work. More at: www.peepshowpoetry.blogspot.com

"Frustrated by the limits of my laser printer, I've begun to add visual elements to the text by working in encaustic, printmaking, and traditional Japanese papermaking. In 2001 I completed a collaborative artists’ book, "Swans, the ice," she said through the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY. This edition of 90 books was funded by grants from WSW and the New York Foundation for the Arts. Images of this book can be seen at the websites for the Women’s Studio Workshop and R&F Handmade Paints."
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