Benjamin Winkler


noctial      broke      dew      nascent      weed      beat
bare      track      ties tinder       rect      postfence
shirts hung      fray      nape      tatt      tract
nailed      bloodtongue      zuz      cut      cheek
last      lot      draw      logroad      newly heat

trammel      rust      ablate      latch      laugh
pockmirror      chink      etch      nitials      port
concrete      half      grass      strewn      round
copper wheat      face      down      mouth      spume
blank      speech      dirt ate      prostrate      once

barren feet      could      balance      blister      skin
as stood      raw      walk      charhouse      pass
inchvalve      turn      packpress      past      lain
demarcate      same      years      last      rut ricture
mark      said had      dry thunder verberate      tie track


was      not      was      track      line      rut
ricture      droughtgrass      parch      town only tree
wrack sun      lot      pass      past twelve      mossed
vigil      kept      crode bathchain      heatpump hum

yardback      past      plot      each heard      shirk
engine      throughtrain      injun      off      whoop same
mouth hand      morn      knot      brace      skin      snake
smearface      clay      pinch      forefingers      left

newsprint      stain      hepatic      masjar lid      remove
consanguine      room      tin zaleas      blanch      heat
copper wheat      grew      naught      sum
erred      dry      croft      some      watch


carry      sur      rut      ricture      same
weight      taut      back      tween      broke
line abrade      lay      dryweed      etch postfence
shirt      tatt      hang      still      nitials

date      mark      lot      pass      rib      wood
sib      path      spitcreek      damn      tracts
nail cedar      once      hands lain       dry      slope
bed      hepat      cov      iron      crode

stead      knew      mattress bulge      scrip      new
nothing      bloom      sun      name      last      fund
stamptax      way      crimpcut      twine      sac
been carried      stain      tarn coin      cedar      same

Benjamin Winkler lives in Philadelphia, PA. His poems have recently appeared in The Monongahela Review and In Process, among other journals. In January, his chapbook, Whereupon, was published by Splitleaves Press.
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