Mark Stricker


A man with a knife walks through a field:
This represents. This facilitates the obvious.

I need to tell you I will think
about doing something else.

And my hands will be warm,
water secretly dripping behind the walls.

Dreaming of nothing but software.
Dreaming of nothing but light.

To tell you your body is asking me
to think things I do not want to think.

Take it into your mouth—it is nothing.
If you feel it is important, it is nothing.

Something can be done,
something you haven't thought about.

Mark Stricker edits nanomajority. His chapbook There are language in my sleep again, filling up my body. was published in 2008 by Auxilium Press.

His poems have appeared in Word/For Word, Counterpath Online, Sidereality, Muse Apprentice Guild, Tin Lustre Mobile, Fell Swoop, Royal Vagrant Review, and Perihelion.

He lives in Hamden, CT.
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