Ric Carfagna

from Symphony No. 1

Small windows

an anterior room

a roof

behind a roof

sloping to the sea

dull echo resonance

above the lake

an anthracite precipice

a taciturn interpretation

a grave

disengaging thought

above a gray overcast

“at first we offered flowers

walking down purple corridors

by candlelight”

sinewy gulls

sailing on thermal currents

conclusions are breached

at a point of observing

a larger window

framing a damaged century

“we came to a crossroads

and entered a cathedral

we sought the origin

of stairways

leading to bleeding statuary”

a darkened time formed

an anachronistic view

looking toward the sea

morning was a liquid shelter

a hidden glass cavern

beneath autumnal foothills

again the gray

latticework doorway

the open-ended sanctuary

or a wall imprinted

a raised intaglio

a scarred lion

beneath gaslights

saffron hued spires

tenebrous bell tolling

scarlet orchid redolence

death’s narrative epilog

Ric Carfagna's Symphony No. 1, from which the above piece comes, was recently published by Chalk Editions.
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had found the chalkeditions edition sometime back. good to see an excerpt here.


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