Andrew Topel

assassin (cont'd)

another possibility – this one premeditated and treacherous      a fanatic
viciously destroying an onslaught by one clothed in samurai armor
the helmet that protects his head is scrawled with clan symbols
the warrior unsheathes a sword of steel steal still storms of thought
hostile ghost chatter the images once bitter cold now heated and forged
and later – guerilla linguistic warfare down in the trenches of language
ink grenades the mind clicks on a thought the hand
strikes like lightning the atmosphere charged with luminous electricity
breathless symbols whispering of shodo, of freedom, of mysteries
letters slaughtered the triggerman blows on the muzzle of the assault rifle,
the smoke curling into the air he loads the weapon and vanishes out of sight
the reader/investigator left to interpret the evidence

andrew topel is the editor & founder of avantacular press. assassin is available from the press here and see the rest of the press catalog here & here.
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