Cassie Eddington

from way water when secret

Cassie Eddington is currently an MFA student at Colorado State University. She was raised primarily in Utah in various physical landscapes but with a cultural landscape that reverberated and stretched over it all.

She writes: "These postcards are a part of a project dealing with place and identity. They are the result of what are, for me, interesting contacts and collisions of Mormonism, Puritan texts I had been reading, historical texts on Utah's history, as well as fragments of my own history. I became interested in the parallels between the lives of women and the manipulation of water in the West. The postcards were born out of the idea of correspondence—creating correspondence between subjects, giving voice to places or voices not normally heard, and creating a space for disparate connections to be made. While working on this project, I was interested in Charles Olson's "eternal event", but Susan Howe's method of tracing ruptures became much more resonant with me."
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