Geof Huth

More Calliglyphs

dreaming of e

mister unknown

marking the cedilla

tattered sails or flags

settlement of the z

The Fervent F

The scope of Geof Huth's poetic production includes handdrawn and computer-generated visual poems (some of them wordless), one-word poems, extemporaneous poems recorded in the act of living, and poems performed in a language that doesn't exist with melodies created as the audience listens. For this year, the year that he is fifty years of age, he is writing each day a poem that is also a letter to someone he knows. He mails each out to its intended recipient and posts it to a blog entitled 365 ltrs. He writes almost daily on visual poetry and the textual imagination at his blog, dbqp: visualizing poetics. His latest book is ntst: the collected pwoermds of geof huth, a book of 775 one-word poems.
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