Jake David

Entry #5 Title: "Television: Day."

She wears the meaning on her shoulders,
professing strength known only as mimes can

Tonight, we'll tell you the answer at Six.
Now for commercial break:

L i t t l e
s t i f f
I w a s
S p a n i s h in school, ugh.
C a r e f u l
of her a[#9]nd(having He spoke.)
And dr a nk r a p i d l y[#9]
the new r.e a.l i.t (yes)terda(yip)pee.

:WELCOME BACK! Thank you for waiting,
holding, sighing, cursing, talking amongst
whoever else is in the room, creating characters
inside your mind thus becoming
Schizophrenic, soon we will alert the authorities
of your Schizophrenia & the possible
outbreak of eccentric lifestyle begot from this deliriously
magnificent disorder that is
available in pill form to be consumed but we don't want
you to do that because then you

won't be underneath our judgmental stares anymore;
your call is very important to us.

Hope you enjoyed your time wasted!
We can't come to the phone right now, but if you'll
please leave your name, number, your nationality,
sexuality, your thoughts on
Transvestitism, Totalitarianism, Bob Dylan,
Dylan Thom, ThomosGoodmore and AlFranklinChuckmeisterdomMasterbatesBillGatesatTheGatesofEden,

we'll get back to you as soon as we can! Have a nice [[fuckyoufuckyouFuCkYoUbahahaahhafsuucckkytohueteatofourfmuacsksyiovuecorporati
onyouscum]] day! *Enter Electronic Equivalent to a Smile Here*
BzAnznZtt---Neeuerrr, Neuuurrr. Bzzztttnrt. BRIIGnnnzTNnNnnNGht!

The Number You Have Dialed Is Temporarily Unavailable.
Please Hang Up, and Try Your Call Again.
This Is A Recording.

Jake David, while not previously formally published as an author, has been printed in places such as Writers' Bloc, Heavy Hands Ink, and SillyMess. Creating his own financial income in his home of Massena, N.Y and Cornwall, ON. by coloring paper, has been of little success.
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