SJ Fowler

(The Mamluk Dynasty AD 1250-1517)

collapse AD 1250 } nations now with a gross national product of ‡‡‡‰∆
Egupt, Palatine, Sybia. They ruled for 2 ⅜ centuries. The capitulation of the Ayyabids tasted awful. Mamluk userption

dinner (…) Mamluk means slaved. Used as a derogatory term it then, for a time, became world’s largest ironic term, followed by bist and ‘nib’. The Mams were brough to Egupt to serve as bodyguards to the Sultans, a decision which someone must have regretted. The Mamliks of last Ayyabid sultan were Qipchaq Turks from southern Russia, small world

parsimony (1250 AD) Shajarat al-Darr, wife of the last Ayyabid (starring…) was made the first ruler of the new Mamluk dynasty. Progressive gestures mark this time of healing and ball games

Baybars (AD 1277) the most dynamic of the early Mamluk sultans. He stamped lions on his pins. His curriculum included the destruction of the Mongols at Ayn Jalut and successful attacks on Crusader strongholds, including Antioch, which fell in 1268. He did die though, & though it was 9 years later, that was a maesure of white revenge

…so flank the clasps, prosper, Nile damming with dragon foil

golden age (1309 AD) Naser al-Din Muhammed was rich and yet wise. The sultan and his amirs amassed magnificient palaces – the dome of mausoleum of Qanibay al-Rammah beneath the citadel in Cairo, there my bones sing to be buried!

(notes from the desk drawer)

#34 … untruth as concealing concealment is at the heart of revealing all grasp the impossible infinite minds. Being loves to hide

#35 … the concealing itself gets concealed we lose awareness. Primordial nonessence of truth. We are not aware we are not aware of Being as a whole.

#36 … we keep our mastery of common sense & it blinds us. Pre-established omniscienc blocks the unfamiliar, we cannot insist meaning, we cannot court errancy in scientism.

#37 … untruth belongs with truth. We cannot rid untruth but be aware, concealing is inevitable. We can bring down the meditative cultivation of appearance, we will become intrinsically discordant.

#38 … with art acknowledging the ever present structural necessity of concealment mystery. Conclusive answers are impossible. Absolute secure knowledge. Questions above answers for epistemological ideal embraces concealments involved in knowing

#39 … doesn’t exist upon a particular horizon & understanding of reality, it studies these very horizons. Being can always send a new understanding so we need to stay humbly open to what appears to us.

SJ Fowler has had poetry in over 50 journals, small presses and ezines since the beginning of 2010. He is a regular reader at Bob Cobbing's Writers Forum and edits the Maintenant interview series with contemporary European poets for 3am magazine. He is also an employee of the British Museum and postgraduate student in Philosophy at the University of London.


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