Yonah Korngold

Measure #1

cut mirrors and ceramic plates forge into a cement wall
reflections of noise shatter against the background

the foreground is missing

bits and pieces collide
as the dog walker gets in a car

it comes undone
and sings like this

it levels off completely and shakes
the push of notes rattle the silence

Measure #2

it crawls out of the system and moves towards the sky
sense of breath

I’m moving over the ocean in real time as you come home
crossing over from the past day, what did I miss?

winter exits under a shadowless afternoon in November

swap the corner of the shore for what?
fit for waking
drops of sand disgust the floor and sugar coats the ice
she spins over loops and I try to grab hold of any word for a lift

the moment slips to the side and allows
for quiet daze to filter the rest of the afternoon

Jewish New Year

trails of porch lights wind
up the mountain
curve over and
fall off
the visible line

whatever begins when the porch lights go on
lasts throughout the night

slopes chairlift the trees
and never really end
but start in every direction

Yonah Korngold lives in Philadelphia. His work appeared in Otoliths #15 and he currently contributes to the music blog merryswankster.com.
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