Andrew Durbin

Wolf Ticket

Paradigm shifts. Winds
of change. Ad hoc
methods. What we need most
is a take-home message.
Gödel, eschew,
backhand. Aloof
reference to Woolf. A friend
who WWOOFs in English fields
returns to Montreal. Discourage
quirks in the system. Do you
anecdote? My father loves
to work in the yard.
Explain the difference
between reader- and writer-
based prose. I will now
open up the floor
to discussion: is an hour bisected
by showering and jerking off
an hour completely lost?
I want to expend all
pronouns their full effect.
She wakes with sleep
on her eyes, (we begin to loop),
lesser facts. Spirit drives the river.
I dropped you in. Louisiana's plantations
offer a fascinating look at lifestyles
of the past and a crucial period
in the history of the United States.
Many of the state's
amazing antebellum
(this is crucial to any style)
mansions remain intact
and are meticulously maintained.
Tour manicured gardens,
learn life during Civil War. Spend.
Stay overnight on of the experience
is one. Take that
with a grain of muckraking,
enough to match a baby
water bug. Go to
visitlouisiana.com for more
info. I don’t want to repeat
myself or anyone else around me,
but I am. I want to sail upstream
under the Mississippi
moon. Shutter
the notions. Take a paddle
to beat the waves.
They rise. So much rises.


in him
behold proud

applause breathe
souls native
to malice


stout when
for affection

glorious how
money a

hooded fright
and ought
that aim

of singleness be
found, ma?
oft understood

think we
would pathless
in alley

noisome in
there here

fame man’s
great kindness-loving


Andrew Durbin writes: "I’m a young poet who operates out of New York. Formative years were spent in the South—especially Louisiana and South Carolina. It shows, I think."
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