Ed Baker

The Smoke

Erotic Paper Poem #1

Pipe Dreams

Erotic Paper Poem #2


stone girl out for
a walk daily like cl
ock work precise ly
in a wet dress gone up
Houston Street in a huff
hiked-up up Second Avenue
in a wet dress up to her cunt
a little moist a little open her mouth
the words cannot see what savage means
she in a wet dress exposed words turns into
the what just she left:

                "YOU CAN GO TO HELL!"

Erotic Paper Poem #3


Erotic Paper Poem #4

Ed Baker:
born in 1941
here in 2011
everything in between ....boring.
everyday I draw, paint and write... some things 'work' ... some things don't .
-Stone Girl E-pic forthcoming, 2011 (all 5 books in one volume, 515 pps. paper-back), Leafe Press (pubs Alan Baker, John Bloomberg-Rissman)
-DE:SIRE IS The Knives Forks and Spoons Press (out now, paper) Alec Newman, pub
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