Joel Chace

Little Fool

wither got one word and a half              over the park’s gray fountain

aspen leaves played by wind dark light green tricking

two boulevards splay out toward the river a drowning

last night body speaking silence little fool

a mile of parking meters stoops a yellow awning

out of our million quarrels twins death and rhetoric


broken beast spins on its hindquarters as the car disappears

over a rise price finally put on laughter

and on grief all about positioning are their mics on

or has the swerve been calculated nothing happens

if nothing collides nerves or from the harbor

rigging against masts take your kettle off


cumuli shredded like maps placing the pieces over eyes

a way only girl springs up almost strikes her head

on the board her sister in the pool screams Christ!

tomorrow wheels gone engine parts scattered curb-side

mantises scuttle into margins minstrelsy

cakewalking then both throw back their heads and laugh


time of the uncanny loosed by canny whisperings

in a dried up creek bed two boys kick over rotting

fence posts o red of the beloved’s dress o mind’s

dagger marshal phlox IED’s azaleas

swarms of yellow-jackets come into focus

like ghosts yet improbable scatterings of seeds


Joel Chace has published poetry and prose poetry in print and electronic magazines such as 6ix, Tomorrow, Lost and Found Times, Coracle, xStream, and Jacket. He has published more than a dozen print and electronic collections. BlazeVox Books published his CLEANING THE MIRROR: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS, and from Paper Kite Press is MATTER NO MATTER, another full-length collection. From Country Valley Press is SCAFFOLD, the first part of an ongoing poetic sequence, (b)its, from Meritage Press, and A SCRIPT, from Otoliths Books. Forthcoming from Cy Gist Press is SHARPSBURG. For many years, Chace has been Poetry Editor for the experimental electronic magazine 5_Trope.
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