Anny Ballardini


schizophrenically split
s/he lived the event/fact outside
devilish forces munching down hir face
mind/brain/bones/external-internal façade
[has anything been left?] on wet sidewalks
imperturbable like a landslide a simple step
it took days to draw self to survival state
                   autumn leaves & classical music backgrounding
                   falling rain in a damp surround _diffusing light
                   light is pc writing not much requiring
undone like an unthreaded spider net, unmet again
fragilities fringuelli fracassati
frozen without & within void and untouched
the unlimitedly fearful contrastive black’s back



Dick Higgins has mouths munching chewing

have you ever seen you father hit by a stroke

not even at the

//stroke unit\\

tubes tubes numbers [?PEG?] lights distorted figures

NOT EVEN at the

\\stroke unit//


Medicine 1 Hospital of Trento Ospedale di Santa Chiara

[40 degrees inside the room – feverishly burning – docs on holiday

[Italian docs are always on holiday even while working_with one or two exceptions

[Omertà, silence, conspiracy of silence

[Did you think I would have forgotten/justified/forgiven?

[My last words to the Medicine 1 docs: SHAME ON YOU

                    try to have him kiss you – a hollow black cave

/ to have him talk to you _/ to ask him to see you _/ those lips are still _/ one side steeply lowered to his chin


/ with the other side he smiles _/to let gratefulness pass through _/ that you are still there after a day a night a month two three endlessly / an oblique fearful cut under his nose

In his flux action Higgins has live actors        (is that Dick Higgins himself?)

gorging stuffing down ingurgitating

thick lips surrounded by a black moustache

an uncouth ease in facing fake eternity

the crude arrogance of a well-oiled machine

god himself has forgotten Medicine 1

home of the broken angels

comforted by the Weeping Woman, le oranti

Higgins died of a heart attack in 1998 in Quebec, Canada at the age of 60.




Dick Higgins

Weeping Woman

Le Oranti

Anny Ballardini is the author of Opening and Closing Numbers, published by Moria Press in 2005; and Ghost Dance in 33 Movements published by Otoliths, 2009. She is the editor of the Poet’s Corner, an online poetry site; and writes a blog: Narcissus Works. She has translated several contemporary poets into Italian and English.
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