Corey Wakeling


tetanise the tranquil as it sits on the arm-rest of your arm-chair
               catch the sparrow again indoors                wait for the hot spring to emerge
from the granite rocks                tap the indurate gall bladder and thank
               heavens you have strength enough to haul your torso onto a tram

tetanise autumn elms since the white gums are still bushy in exaltation
               catch the young siblings                sit them on the arm-rest and switch the lamp on
from the granite rocks trickles the incipient spring                boil some eggs, there
               heavens make a lounge room a jungle and at least then poison is discoverable

tetanise the blood in the eggs                soup is made                yellow blossoms for guests
               catch the taxi as it arrives indoors              it could take you to Macedon if your
heavens had time              but there is none              so, make a house boat                ahead the shadow
               tetanise the shadow until choreic                in that rib cage sit the convulsive siblings

Corey Wakeling is a writer living in Melbourne. His work has appeared in Otoliths, [out of nothing], Cordite, Willows Wept Review, Everyday Genius, Yomimono, Peril, Art Monthly (Australia), The Sun Herald (Sydney) and The Age (Melbourne), forthcoming in anthologies Nth Degree: writing by Australasian university writers, and The Reader: the Melbourne Emerging Writers Festival anthology. He is a prospective PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne.
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