Craig Rebele

from The Abilene Paradox


Cacophony of post-capitalist
fruit importers—
the apple falls far enough
to be identical to oranges—
comparison possible
and $1.50 a glass.
Metaphor is just another
way of saying
it's a facsimile.
Another way of saying
fruit importers fall
too far from the tree.

from The Abilene Paradox


I gave the
girl in the
pretty dress a

flower and sub-atomic
ephemera. Bottle caps
and shards of

shattered, radioactive decay.


illusory formation of crystalline handset transmission, perverse form of pharmacist, reading the book page by page, reversed, to obtain the absolute value of language, how far from nothing it is, but without positive or negative, unencumbered distance from the origin reveals either how far we have come, or have left to go, or reveals who left half a glass of juice in the fridge, but didn't replace the bottle. more lumens achieved, granted, from burning the candle at both ends, so if you worry about burning out first, just buy two, in the time before and after everything, illuminated by your candles, pharmacist, shine your light at the light, brighter still, and allow the dark to remain dark, relative to the sine wave. relative to the sine wave.

Goldenrod Mystery

staccato patterned grape vines

                                                             goldenrod mystery:
                                              rapid fire photography
                               or a daguerreotype
                                                                            the president's limousine
                                                             a knit mobius strip
acrylic and acrylic
                               haunt the memory of ribbons and frisbee
                                              in her hair

                                                                            we made a discovery
                gin does taste better
                                                             wash it down with gin
tell the children
                                              bring toilet paper to school
                               the state won't furnish luxuries anymore
if your fly is down
                                              you can buy a soda from

                               the machine
                               i thought you were an i
she should have known better

                                              fish plus pants
                equal mercury poisoning


Craig Rebele received his MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. He is also the assistant editor for Parthenon West Review. His work has appeared in magazines such as Fact-Simile, GlitterPony, and Otoliths.
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