J. D. Nelson

Rare Maths

I am speaking from beyond elsewhere.

The calm steak of the face. A creatureless past.

I escape my own gravity as Avengers assemble and startle the mice.

               I can't take the clouds. Downright Alaska.

The forest of turtles. Heaven smells of potatoes browning.

Nothing left to say until I say it. Midnight of liking nothing.

It's dark down here.

American Furniture Werewolf

In that old funny:


CARL'S BURGER, JUNIOR: (Looking up from a comic book) Morning. Aquaman was the starting quarterback of the 1977 Broncos.

THE WEREWOLF: (Rolling his eyes) Not this again. I'm telling you, it was Jake Jabs.

CARL'S BURGER, JUNIOR: Drop that sock and lend a piano.

THE WEREWOLF: Why do they call you Baby Martian?



My night of why. Pyramids in the background. Looking forward to Milk Week, I startled the orchard keeper. Schematics unavailable. Try your request later. My Earth coin puzzled the barkeep. Zoo twenty. Vestige of moment one. I'm in the Everything, waiting for myself. Snow and popcorn. I took a brain from the blue bag. It's only yesterday until I smile. I can't tell in the darkness of Denver. Tomorrow will always be a hole in the dark. Nonetheless Adenoids. Per million ears. Gallons of cats, minus the subtraction. The clown had splinters in his foam nose. 1,000 miles to Disneyland.

1 aWet see, seat. we seat. wet sweat. Jerusalem ink, dreamt. 2 Ape Lee, in a sec, insect, innocent. 3 Firk wau eel opera? 4 Ærie fork. Albino ark. 5 Bees ankh lectio. Amherst vowels. 6 Apt rose SW – Fort Venus, NJ.

aDeep White


let's the scopes
hot bosspital room

orange ghintelligence

ND truck wi' inky teeth
house lime for good huck

a splorm

why aaa

one moon winks

the morning of noon
of michael landon
               landspeeder luke
silver SK one
               orange tooth

               * plink

R. pipeline
               red SK (a)ghast

forgot a gallon of milky size
bacon again, becca


Noun Mouth

The Frederick of art. The high window of the frown.

Clay and syrup, not a smaller truth.

               Is your name James?

               I don't remember.

               You don't remember?

               I fell asleep in the bathroom.

(Whichever foot is touching the ground when—)

One known mole is the captain of America.

               Space with whig of fine piggery,
               suncakes of the auld spoon
                              and confusion here:

               Avoidable music and value,
               Huddington prawn.

Alexander, derr, derr, the awkward ace.
Diamond milk for lovers.

               Coffee & zoo.

J. D. Nelson (b. 1971) experiments with words and sound in his subterranean laboratory. More than 1,000 of his bizarre poems and experimental texts have appeared in many small press and underground publications. Visit MadVerse.com for more information and links to his published work. His audio experiments (recorded under the name OWL BRAIN ATLAS) are available at OwlNoise.com. OWL NOISE 0, his album of experimental spoken word, is available as a free download at http://www.mediafire.com/owlnoise. J. D. lives in Colorado, USA
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JD Nelson makes parties in my head. The parties often last into the wee hours until the police arrive. Damn you, JD. Thank you, JD.

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