Paul Pfleuger, Jr.

It’s academic

a dare I suppose moment

                          with the baby asleep
                          a grammarless puff
                          appraised in the air
as I reach
of an anchor
or what one whispers to another rusting there
damn I told you by the lake tonight
lit by a hypermarket sign
I’ve memorized and sold this story
the humming in the aisles
the paper or plastic sermons
at any rate 15% low low interest
the baby’s dreaming.

Test this hypothesis
those dreams are filled with workaday voices
whose satisfaction has a positive effect
on their intention to sing
I tell you you who once willow-fluffed along
whistling by resident sentence trees
and gardens in apple-pie order
out past the property lines
and into wordless wildernesses

where worlds began
before the bills
made us pay them.

Tête-à-tête-ka I

you to blame it was you
as decades pass for fifteen years
without a conversation I spoke in my ways
for more than five minutes- stubborn sonuvabitch,
I learned love from books I gave you life

Paul Pfleuger, Jr. is an American living in Taiwan. His work has appeared in a number of print and online publications such as Modern Haiku, ARSENAL, bottle rockets, and Ginyu. He is the Assistant Editor of Roadrunner. His blog is amidst vs.
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