John M. Bennett


gr   clad   gr
gr   roof gruel   gr
gr   tongue or boot   gr
gr   heel the squirt off   gr
gr   span snore my prouder nail   gr
gr   splintered ass rice rolls off nates   gr
gr   bladder   gr
gr   gate of fools mice glass littered   gr
gr   pail ender’s dry door gland   gr
gr   cough shirt the spiel   gr
gr   loot nor lung   gr
gr    stool hoof   gr
gr   slab   gr

The Box

loop rung
tome lather dries
send breath
time luber cone
spiral glance
that nothing known
plunge foot
rug talcum drifts
tool bred

Wet Clock

lab and mist
leaf crust
fold the lichen
page glut
grunt and sleep
rage window
bag of rocks
screen  ,fungus
sweep the door


sucker shape
dog lock penis
brack soot
open shore mouth
blaze leg
test of asswipe
should grill
splay my leak
bark arf


cue spun soak
flap neck
sticky armpit towel
woof lint
fogged the cave
slept dink
crew shudder log
back forth
drier chair crap

Yes It Is

Crumble leg  .or sooner throat
Past the spoon  .nod chancre
Slivers dream  .tonnage went mouth
Sooty throat lack  .keep sprawling
Knock them  .cough stream thunder


Drink the clouds  .grease lander
Funnel off  .trips the flier
Banged my inch  .saw leafs
Dusty larmes  .lesson dung floats
Past your bungee  .mice colon


Drinks water   .crashed the snore
Lock dense clue   .drinks water
Drinks water   .piles of rat
Cling flooded air   .drinks water
Drinks water   .nod and swarm

So Wet

Could I shake the water on your eye?
Could I drink the hair falling on your shoe?
Could I dunk the rabbit on your mouth?
Could I drip the algae in your coffee?
Could I dry the tongue coiling in your suit?

Drawl It

Swell sugar   .and the fork
Runt sledge   .and a boom
Squall sausage   .and the saw
Crank sliver   .and a moon
Bunk leakage   .and the srunt

Hop Groan

Nodding half   .   loop stonE
Flaw slumber   .   drool hopE
Stun rabbit   .   keep slaB
Rule clicker   .   book shoT
Glab knocker   .   bed musclE

Claw Tub Bat War
         -From a photo by Jim Clinefelter

Loot the sink and fish your eyes
Fry your hand and think the floor
Snip your ear and forget the wings
Mug a bomb and fold your tongue
Your bath’s a chain and lightbulb swinging

Baked Off

Shower lung my tube condition light
Flatten sore or snail ,eat the list
Neck listens ,smoke sigh ,drain the collar
Rabbits change the fog inside the parsnip
Drooled stones ,cooling in the oven

Let’s Go

Sleeps the foghorn in my neck
Crust the suit your drizzle mimes
Face down in soup you see the ring
Double halfwit shoulder try to grin
Cheese gleaming on the steering wheel

Re Past

Your bottle full of dental floss
Hunch my sky gnatter ,then deep
The gravel shower sounds like floor
Tear each page and single blindedly
Burn your sleeve and click your fork

Washing Thoughts

uand cloudu
uthe past dripperu
ucuter than a shoeu
ufaster leg your tongue leaseu
ufloating was I stippled eye mistu
ublood a liver gunning over sheetsu
umy loot gripper falls awayu
uending clouds your lunchmeatu
uthe faucet calmu
upressed thumbu

John M. Bennett has published over 300 books and chapbooks of poetry and other materials. Among the most recent are rOlling COMBers (Potes & Poets Press), MAILER LEAVES HAM (Pantograph Press), LOOSE WATCH (Invisible Press), CHAC PROSTIBULARIO (with Ivan Arguelles; Pavement Saw Press), HISTORIETAS ALFABETICAS (Luna Bisonte Prods), PUBLIC CUBE (Luna Bisonte Prods), THE PEEL (Anabasis Press), GLUE (xPress(ed)), LAP GUN CUT (with F. A. Nettelbeck; Luna Bisonte Prods), INSTRUCTION BOOK (Luna Bisonte Prods), la M al (Blue Lion Books), CANTAR DEL HUFF (Luna Bisonte Prods), SOUND DIRT (with Jim Leftwich; Luna Bisonte Prods), BACKWORDS (Blue Lion Books), NOS (Redfox Press), D RAIN B LOOM (with Scott Helmes; xPress(ed)), CHANGDENTS (Offerta Speciale), L ENTES (Blue Lion Books), NOS (Redfoxpress), SPITTING DDREAMS (Blue Lion Books), ONDA (with Tom Cassidy; Luna Bisonte Prods), 30 DIALOGOS SONOROS (with Martín Gubbins; Luna Bisonte Prods), BANGING THE STONE (WITH Jim Leftwich; Luna Bisonte Prods), FASTER NIH (Luna Bisonte Prods); RREVES (Editions du Silence); NEOLIPIC (Argotist); LAS CABEZAS MAYAS/MAYA HEADS (Luna Bisonte Prods); BALAM MALAB (Logan Elm Press); LA VISTA GANCHA (Luna Bisonte Prods); THE SOCK SACK/UNFINISHED FICTIONS/MORE INSERTS (with Richard Kostelanetz; Luna Bisonte Prods); T ICK TICK TIC K (Chalked Editions); and THIS IS VISUAL POETRY (This is Visual Poetry). He has published, exhibited and performed his word art worldwide in thousands of publications and venues. He was editor and publisher of LOST AND FOUND TIMES (1975-2005), and is Curator of the Avant Writing Collection at The Ohio State University Libraries. Richard Kostelanetz has called him “the seminal American poet of my generation”. His work, publications, and papers are collected in several major institutions, including Washington University (St. Louis), SUNY Buffalo, The Ohio State University, The Museum of Modern Art, and other major libraries. His PhD (UCLA 1970) is in Latin American Literature.
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