Raymond Farr

Non-poem as Foucault in a Row Boat

In sizable mis-human mirrors I walk against lights—two Polaroids of Nietzschian necessity. Popeye exclusivity patters on, down under beliefs I have abandoned, believing Lacan a non-nuit. I tunic out of hissy. Flooded food eyes savage armpit cargo hair deftly singing—merry merry crab cake man nervosa man so blue blue in your arctic arctic. Roof toppled hurricane blob umbrella drink of e rubble strewn & bubbling. & life such a date palm eaten with entrails puts on the weird the wiggly claw. Who sd, silly Silly disturbing butter? Sagas’re all that’s rabble ontologically. The archive is green today. & down with your back to the window it is Lacan. A perfect swooning down fall into uno dos rapport (to Sheila first.) A pattern of isms mostly a mustard—a mustard absurd. Same as Hölderin a process emerges. But why not a peach? A vulgar bowl of what is is? I is the angle of a bowl of hair. Dementia on skates makes joe out of sandals. Some sheets’re a bath or an acid, basalt as an oculist—Foucault in a row boat. His ear wax on the easy way out.

It’s a Blank Face on Yr Sequel
After Bob Dylan’s Hard Rain Gonna Fall


…& it’s a hard rain’s gonna fall—(it’s a wrong word makes us rapt)syrup. I’ve (s)(b)een                                  10,000 (s)miles in the miles of a graveyard. I’ve (beamed) been                10,000 styles in the Mayan el gravy yard. I’ve                          been 10,000 mouths in the mouths of Juan Gris art. I strongly decapitate you & six silly others. I sickly take aspirin. I prematurely seek shelter. & it’s a blank it’s a blank it’s a blank it’s a blank it’s a blank it’s a blank face on yr sequel.


Coolee-Tibetan,                          , ,                ferocious one word off center,           ,on line: gullible Gulliver viewer stands off at Six Points over- imminence, ,whole notes of powerful synchronicity. Such irony post-human! The door opening,                             ,wide as a city,                                      , & the sequel shutting down systems. Simulacra of. The witching of owls trading secrets for kissing, & you dear Ovid, stained with sunlight.


Remote control consumer base has 12 screaming exits, exists in one hand, the super elegance of flight, the invisible seam of duality a blank face grown blanker, twice blanker telling photos of,                 ,10,000 miles in the microbes of a hang hard. In the mouth of a circumstance I have treed ten civil purples. I have garnered a blue oven cleaner. A new pity of doorways. A new power      I sieve      with.      & I am equal to thinking. & I sleep in a light bulb. & it’s a farce it’s a farce it’s a farce it’s a farce it’s a farce it’s a farce of a lyric that’s an ode.

Fantastic Mylar Vulgar HELL BOY Tease Is On

more RADIO WOOLEN RADICAL WAVE PARTICLE SKETCHes DOCKthan Honey West COboulder carnivore Guzzles HELL BOY COBALT RHINO WOOLEN freelyFLASH POINT!!! Tv on a dare than WOOLEN LOTTO C-rules: RHINO DIADEM WOOLEN SOAP OP ERA/internal Dimension faded across vacant Tyrolean WOOLEN IN NAUGHTY OIL PANTS This paint! This glissade! DIGRESSIVE WOOLEN CONTRA BAND Out skins the skins in sink duty! More OZ than WOOLEN BOX TOP johnny carson city flats In fool skin This façade of faux Derivative cascades! WOOLEN TOGETHER AT TEETH GONE MILES FARTHER Than bars of debonair means business IN TURKEY The evidence is steel SEBASTIAN WOOLEN PAWN SESTINA If it incriminates / passes sentence IT IS WOOL It is vibration against foot & hand

Raymond Farr lives in Ocala, FL. His work appears in Otoliths, Cricket On Line Review, BlazeVox2kX, Counterexample Poetics, Letterbox, Ditch, The Argotist On Line, Cannot Exist, EOAGH, Moria, Out of Nothing, Clutching at Straws, Kill Author, Text Base, Xstream, Dusie, Liebamour, Indefinite Space, & Apocryphal Text. He had several poems included in the first Sidebrow Anthology and guest edited issue 6 of Pinstripe Fedora. His chap book, Two Hats Appear When Applauded, is available free at Dusie. All four of his poetry books may be previewed and purchased at the Blue & Yellow Dog Book Shop. Visit his blog for email info, updates on Blue & Yellow Dog, and more samples of his work. He is editor of Blue & Yellow Dog.
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