Clark Lunberry

Floating Form Less

(These images are from an environmental poetry installation
which occurred in November 2009 on the pond
adjacent to the library of the University of North Florida,
as well as in the library's stairway overlooking that pond.)

Clark Lunberry is an Associate Professor in the Dept. of English at the University of North Florida. His scholarly work, interdisciplinary in nature, has been published in such journals as SubStance, Critical Inquiry and Mosaic. In addition, Lunberry is a visual artist and poet whose work can be seen in various venues, from Chicago Review and ubu.com, to Exquisite Corpse. He is currently engaged in a long-term "writing on water/writing on air" project that involves the installation of large-scale, site-specific poetry in the landscape. Photographs of these projects, as well as further details about his other work, can be seen at his website.
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