Heller Levinson

showering i smell her.   the olfactory erotic trigger.   shower instigated.   showering.   scent-insurance.   an interactive modifier.   a set-odor function.   a ritualistic cascade.   fluidic remarking.   fluidic centrality.   centralization.   accumulation.   accumulative shed.   the notion of streaming through.   upon.   an arrival thoroughfare.   transit-value.   the pelt of love.   third element.   the other in abeyance.   continuity.   contiguity.   coordinates mingling.   a mix.   a mesh.   a mash.   a mishmash.   mishmosh.   what slides off.   in the rinse.   what slides on.   in the release.   her.   enveloping.   her the invisible refulgence.   cascading.   interlude.   intertwine.   interwoven.   intermix.   a beckon.   a draw.   drawer.   drawers.   run through it.   tributarial distribution.   lather is the surmise.   the sharp of your follicles.   funicul√¨, funicul√†.   farfetch.   fletchery.   feathering the olfactory sled.   sheath.   sheathed in the feathers of olfactory distribution.   the other in transit.   in truancy.   there.   smellable.   beyond.   & soap.

horse your neck

chute to emerald thunder
slide to epistolary junkets of bloodied fur dealers
romance             tablet                cinema
the neck judicial           rupestral slate
tales sinking & squirming beneath the skin
streaming to the locomotive
                                                             the body proper

I run my good hand
across your codes
your runic columns
cooling our ardor our mutually surging forfeitures
our non-complying promissory notes
a collection of concerns pressed into hide
a nation collaborating
a lode liquefaction

Heller Levinson lives in NYC where he studies animal behavior. He has published in over a hundred journals and magazines. His publication, Smelling Mary (Howling Dog Press, 2008), was nominated for both the Pulitzer Prize and the Griffin Prize. Black Widow Press will be publishing his from stone this running in 2011. Additionally, he is the originator of Hinge Theory. Please visit hellerlevinson for more information.
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