Sam Langer

dissociate thought fear

reading for pain

ding “p” for rain

create an “ugly book”. put all of them in it. you will find that they have less and less power as the book becomes longer and longer. eventually it will stop.

take up games again

play “the violin game”

give yourself a good
dressing down (silent) at five minute intervals.

bark like a dog
but attack like a turkey
i.e. receive absolution

delete ugly kingdom

they shall be ruled over by babes

sparrows cheap about the house
peripheral heating a thrush
gone from the fig’s naked
branches where a possum is gone
a wild dream about marty
the days of ten pound poms are all about

fig in winter, honest


study the classics
semper pine en wente

what are all these people doing?

july is not over

little trace of that

save your ontological arguments for the existence of beckett conferences

youth: plugs for ashes above an emerald field concealed
under a blue between sun and moon

the dog fell off a wall
that lived during my youth
she digests animal book
a message dinner she cried

everything looked amazing
and people looked
single file better after ‘i’ll be in text’
cultural camouflage steps down
from secret handshake

why do you hate us?
because we gave the money molars?
science class disappear is crossed out by heart

visit brain
turn yesterday back on.


person cloud moon

trouble door

alec deficit disorder hope

Sam Langer was born in February 1983 and then finished a B.A. in May 2007. Now he works casually, for Spotless Services at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne (Australia). His poems have appeared in Cordite, The Age (Melbourne), Otoliths, Overland, Arena, The Sun Herald (Sydney) and 543, a free poetry magazine he edits and publishes irregularly. He is also the founding editor of Steamer.
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