Spencer Selby


Rid myself and make faculty diminish master instrument

No parts but circle around suspect between membranes

Talk assumes those that reproduce terrible habit of degree

Cause blood graphed sculpture of value or price acting childish

Foreign accent performing bastard presence without nature

Favor exercise traced over phrase said like a sigh to different worlds

Take bait to flatten choice of complete inner deciphering

Crumples on paper projected onto flowers to admit absurd is alive

Impression enclosed in appearance brought parlance picked up on the fly

Radical to think about feelings that document as forgotten guide

Diversion in state of ignorance and curiosity one recognizes by word solo written in advance

Passion for slight magnified with smoothness that joins battle

Medium like smoke during night haunted by spirit sleeping

Yield brings fear of wreck battered by what we believe must reinforce course visible

Become unexpected deep double bottom to communicate horizon

A fine film of gestures can make up for refusal submitted later

Discern and subordinate thought weighed in the swirl of events automatically inspired

Feel the soul draw common unknown where present has significant smell

Ex tempore keeping union with catch that ends on rectangle of white

Familiar smacks of pretense to render just image while knots cling

No human pencil or brush without a machine’s immense restricted quality

Stupid to speak after poetry penetrates shell made from two tones superimposed

Even the death of real kills as judgment censures what comes about

Mobile backgrounds absorb space starting from syllables that act analogous

Concern forces search for talent peculiar to pact made with nostalgia

Weird approaches lift agile when I improvise decline, when I execute immediate flag

Seems beyond letter of difficult to miss those born with same

Confined to discovery trading myth for factual doodles

Contacts that result from one song marked by another impossible to describe

Listener can only use silence invented by noise

Roaring coincidence calms remote going astray

Spencer Selby is the author of eight poetry books, five compilations of visual work and a study of film noir. Selby started AMES ALT RESEARCH last summer, where he posts new writing and art on alternate days.
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