Susan Gangel and Terry Turrentine

Deep Sea & Downtown

She augurs in light blue, the solemnly sworn duties of her grasp of the wheel:
they are livid, and say so, quite often.

Though she cannot recall the name or number of the train, it continues to trace a line of tragedy through her head, and apples, cut in rough sections on the warped board,
take on a new light.

Actual calculations would only lead them to a pathway in the summery bushes, their property a telltale derivative of tincture.

A citizen of San Francisco, Susan Gangel co-authored the 2010 book Inconvenience with Kit Kennedy. Her work has appeared in Transfer, More Rooms, CLNWRS, and (how)ever. She teaches and edits the ezine blueprint at Canada College.

The artist Terry Turrentine has collaborated with writers for many years. Her work Great Egret is in the rare book collections at Trinity College, Athenaeum in Boston, and Gunst at Stanford University. Visit terryturrentine.com.
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