J. D. Mitchell-Lumsden

“deceived in measuring”

in name of   to who   when they    their      from men     it     but out   or for them     are    do not 
these that be raised on which before lord most is and what will you every one
our him he those rather has upon enter this witness made with at by another
were so today as did

“the mutual deceit”

all praise be allah          my      our        and in                 of who upon you is about          by what 
these it not that as so to them on truth there his their which they will
forever are those for then because reward one another name have before gather
most come made has punishment us but we seen over great never
he if enemy wise back among can with need soul let only from your evil better
say stand no had result power believe things clear came him
turned loss souls cause gatherings did do comes said obey hear therefore set
day does much easy knows fire heart due good tasted trial rewards

“the state”

that there is no and you are aware       these  god has on           of state    be    to         may protect 
him it your call this with back in their evil can only one from among I
should have indeed my word will

“prohibiting correlation”

in    of romans   are land and they   after being   shall   within few is before  on that day  with 
help he this will not his but most people do know world life absolutely what between
them for appointed surely their have seen how was end those were than these up
it there came to clear so should deal unjustly then evil who because rejected him
you be back at time when come any from among god become one other as made our over
therefore upon forth its thus may find rest put love your seeking by would fear
down understand calls out all wise right possess we make unjust follow desires without
can no helpers set religion state which has men duty prayer sect had mercy some
others or if see believe give due best desire property get causes does above corruption
appeared sea done say turn cannot responsible prepare seek us though
power continue lead away faith regarded hearts true hold

“a series of permissive replies”

in        name of allah           most merciful          to     against      is those who are       because 
they have been and surely able give them disbelieve other than so you indeed some
on what we which were others not as for reward from him while our why do us
has with your it one course there no be each this see that yet right was upon all
if followers then when out make know their sons prevent wealth by day down but
any way will leave land choose agreement wish man eyes his he best good
evil or book judgment lord how power knowledge made go nations o such
ask never knows I demand yourself should glory nay shall grace my rejects

“wrapped up in reciprocity”

in name of god merciful to   with us   be upon those   who by    is    that have on and up            
there are him what this children among your for nearly if we against do not two he
east it they you remember time will as has long ask his so

J.D. Mitchell-Lumsden co-edits Erg’s chapbook series and Cricket Online Review. His poems have appeared in The Journal (UK), Lilies and Cannonballs Review, Pool, Work, Aught and elsewhere. He currently lives in Iowa City.
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