Keith Higginbotham and Matt Margo

words Because

pen sink run on eyes

one the godfather without gun sink missing without brink

submerged on his soil’s blink Now He himself without the
ink hands is,

submerged he He is

And; teeters—hands drink out off the
cold that dusting words side without. cannot
without, his And hands

Unhappiness cannot gun
a think investigation
: cannot think of
fuels on


birds of Oz

Monsters! Skeletal rainbows!
sea of darkness: Glory! a background
of purple crystals, ogres, grilles, sweatshops:
Disasters! Capillaries!
hive of flavors sang:
“Bramble! Mingles! Second guessing! Intravenous ceiling!”
whose silent steps loop
ou/int orbit for days after: Tomorrow!
the The the The

How to Live and Die a Failure

Yellow river of natïve echoes, touching,
Forging, stretching, a la mode.
The liberal’s book, reductive, far behind
The loose imitation, the phony crown,
A landlocked picture with ridges, streams,
And all the details, gone.
The sleeve of the house—exit left—
Hot smoke, primal, brutal,
Merely conjured, wholly thwarted.
This is a word game, gnomic, anti-heroic.
Here is a cup of tea, not mine, a star,
A stowaway of forgery. The
Liberal’s brother sighs: “No…” and here
Is the expanse, the echo, the dead crusade,
The body of the almost grail.

Keith Higginbotham's poetry has recently appeared in ditch, Eratio, G(o)BBet, O Sweet Flowery Roses, Otoliths, and Sawbuck. His chapbooks are Carrying the Air on a Stick (The Runaway Spoon Press) and Prosaic Suburban Commercial (Eratio Editions). He lives in Columbia, SC. Visit his blog at http://ihaveproofthatsomeofthisiscorrect.blogspot.com.

Matt Margo is a nineteen-year-old student of Creative Writing at Hiram College in Ohio. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in several web and print journals, including The New Post-Literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing, experiential-experimental-literature, and Gone Lawn. He is currently a member of Satu Kaikkonen’s foffof (AsemicWritingsLettersAndMarks) and the curator of Cormac McCarthy’s Dead Typewriter, a blog that hosts particular forms of experimental literature and music.
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