Lawrence Bernabe

Preface to Something

Something neat. Something borrowed.
Something flushed. Something burrowed.
Something orificial. Something critical.
Something blue. Something to do w/ balls.
Something w/ nature in it.
Something w/ something of the nature of nature in it.

Something it, something hip,
Something hipped stainless titaniumously.
Something like fire, reclaimed from the native.
Something more affordable and fresh.
Something succulent or friable or lean.
Something a bit more than that other bit.
Something like a like a Carlo J. Caparas film.

Something surprising, like rectal bleeding.
Something more vivid, like rectal bleeding.
Something awakening, lofty, like a blocked pore.
Something like an arduous poop, something w/ lube.
Something sovereign like an economy. Something remitted.
(Attention, kids) Something's a-coming.
Something like drugs, formative.

Something like eyes, squalor on a hill.
Something in them at night hadukened like stars.
Something hemmed in like a whisper with wings.
Something mulched, something grounded, steady.
Something like batshit! organic.
Something electrified, electric.
Something w/ punch, like tectonics, electric.

Something percussive. Something like a beat.
Something jutting off the edge of a cliff.
Something like a foot path for one 1,000 feet steep.
Something like bark in the water.
Something fluvial and nippy and green.
Something like, bring me. Something like, you give me.
Something suddenly like something, something like something.

Like something was something. Like something was up to something.
Something happened. Something was happening.
Something and something, Something and Something.
Something typed. Something bumped its knee.
Something took up knitting then took up spackling.
Something went up and Something came down with it.
Something else had it going on for something.

Something melted. Something let be.
Something that tasted like malt, something like a comet.
Something out of nature. Something more than that.
Something more than cat talk. Something more than can't see.
Something fretting and fitful, something wildly varnished.
Something vanished. Something vamp, vampish.
Something’s something.

Lawrence Bernabe, 26, has recently published in the Kritika Kultura Anthology of New Philippine Writing in English and in High Chair.
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