Marilyn R. Rosenberg


2005, ouch, one of a kind original, a very large drawing/visual poem, 27"w x 40" h approximate size. The words "caution" and "warning" (warning is hard to read at the bottom) are about the pointy and rough objects of broken egg shells, open scissors, jagged rocks, pointy stars, tacks and prickly cactus and a fish hook. Many of these objects are symbols of life's continual irritants, surprising problems, and painful situations, both physical and emotional.
Included in a group exhibitions: 2006 , LOOKING IN, LOOKING OUT, Ceres Fourteenth Annual Friends Exhibition, New York, NY.
Part of a Solo exhibition: 2007 , MRR VISUAL POETRY/ARTISTS’ BOOKS, Chappaqua Library Gallery, Chappaqua NY. Curator: Larry D’Amico.
2007, ouch was scanned, in 27 sections, from the very large original drawing. Next the image segments were altered and all were reassembled, overlapped and made whole again in the computer, smaller and slightly changed, red added.

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