sean burn

from honeysuckled

global warm strips out insulation

even the very name - cruddas park

rebranded riverside dene

when rivers an easy mile

arseholes sprayed around

the gare-casinos letterbox

and the exact time kit comes off

is widely advertised caedmon

time-smeared, watching over

these dazed / hazed / lazed

their gold-keeper urging unleash

strike up the banned, strike for freedom

strike! each girder and every -

a bloody yet crucial fiction

seasons new jackdawing

to parkouristas very move wheeling air-spin

hunt late bugs / grubs, rejecting greggs seconds

stalemating around pill court, refusing even freegan

end-of-days - crayfish sandwiches with artisan cress

- excess the soup kitchen barely stomachs

pasties pigeon-bombed into vault spiral

swift break out-climb wheel crash-tag

branches just-turned leaves a-shaking

only for gulls to close - bursting

on thru in hardcore pastie fight

jackdaw-wing foliaged for the wee greens

those bugs, grubs, chrysalises tree'd

the unlucky who - meaning it ironic -

told her approved social worker to run with it

just as they scissored out her blisterpacked meds

now repetitively stubbing flesh out and outside

the new deal fire-station where bhangra lads

hang u-turns - england air-fresheners off rear-views

vendors of porn wishing each and every lu-uverly day

earl grey whose catch-and-only phrase shit on me?

ex chief-whip signing off in a crayon of rainbows

whose fuelling and who aint? who's duel is it?

whose singing they regret near enough everything?

the urge to get torn not worn in this strange refuge

disconsolate bairns - caedmon drip bleeds still

her futures building ideas and ideals

drinks can blown up pitt street, blows on up sheer in vent

bairns of the homeless dropping their cheese-string

watch as fluorescent marker stamped throb-pink to retro

cobbles clipclopping one of poundworlds plaster saints

clip-clop ace of spades, joker in the gutter long blown

cli-cli-clop aftershock shots glass rolling idly wild

pair of police horses stride-striving for canter

no longer the happy plod but shucking off

their heavies, trot and gavotte not garotte

anarchy horses infiltrate ex-breweries

- to these ribald piebalds, caedmon

hymning them emma goldmans

whats the point of revolutions

unless you can dance


fag-end firefly sparks

afterlight / afterdark

arcwelds fragile

bridging which gap

breathing frail skin

exact weight of

cigarette papers

before the inhalation

the flicker of faces

the flicking of v's

salt before crash

escape mirror-glass

a city on the move



... pace hard

to upkeep, plus

the noise of this!

militant in her




caedmons got

this licked, aye

all the new


..... these nights are they practising fun or practised emergencies?

rednose beside metro track, some joker to pocket alongside cable

whiteface blown into high branches a bleached carrierbag

jacket left for the riverside rust-deer graze and gazing

trews hung in the honeycombings of seven stories

boots ascend the civic bell-tower, the slowdrip

nursery rhyming, cradle, cradle, cradle

rock and bye, rock and bye

rock and bye .....

sean burn's latest pamphlet is responses to monochords by yannis ritsos and is available from the knives forks and spoons press.
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