Karen Neuberg

Set in Sand
                after Les plages d'Agnès
Reflected in mirrors set in sand, she sees
someone she recognizes.              Superimposed.
Over herself.
Herself in the mirrors set in sand she sees

who she was & who she is
together.                            If she’s still
enough              she may see
who’s left.

Karen Neuberg’s chapbook, Detailed Still, was published by Poets Wear Prada. Some of her poetry has appeared in elimae, Counterexample Poetics, ditch poetry, and DIAGRAM, among others. She’s associate editor of Inertia Magazine and of First Literary Review-East.
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Blogger Cynthia said...

ms. neuberg's poem is surreal,
reminds me of dali's clock.

dream-like eppiphany.

11:55 AM  

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