Ann Vickery


for nina

refuse: a bundle of exhibits
                dent in the cup, fingernail imprint
or a mouthful of foam
                               spat out
over straitened tongue
to make the poetic word
                polyblivion or polypresent?

                               how to read matters
                               how to read matter
                                              that is
quote unquote a security risk quote quote
requires due process: collection, observation,
verification. a human supplement
                                              in and of the world
                                              that is as yet
                                                             the durée
                                                                            marked out of time.

                writing as administrative burden
ignore the edges and focus on the hole
                I’ll take your word [for it],
                               action speaks louder
                               transcription by the book; how to
                paper the record
                english stucco
surface binding                prima facie facts
render over
                               recalibrating liquid meaning.

the poem as a paper plane once flew
                out of the window & onto cement.
smashed into a hundred pieces, this glas’d text
has no visible black box; only lines interwoven with
                                              glissandoing into grief.
it is [un]true that its passenger left a son and two daughters
                five years, two months, and six days ago.
                [un]found[ed] text: paper follies are not sentient.
                               excise statement. use scissors: cut here—
                               all this, a figure of speech: which is, to say,
                                              he is [was] a family man.

no narrative but one’s self. the question is
                how to hold
read over there, not here,
                               the caesura of longing. I imagine
a rocket into space. does it have a noun,
a body, an agent beyond the styroform cup,
                toothpaste, wax, or feather?
                               details discard dischord
                                                             detained scatter

un4seen Fxs

Typographical err Or makes me live you more
                peach day; all the fruitiest
                               salad days of my unastounding youth
fresh firm to ouch, sluice running rivulets
                down my hum-dingers
leaves of green a sticky miss. Wilt. Upturned facia to cuss,
my inner coast dealings on display,
                                              here they are 4 all 2 cc. Can I
whistle fluent profanities to you if my mood autocorrects
song to joy always as
                               sing tomboy
                               and says you are a hut?
Moonlight soon after by compost Lord pig’s van,
my blind blissful germ and his bland loaves. Fly this motion
                through a sow’s and years. Take a sissy stile
                from Marlena, garbage revival &
                tolled mine leaven in blue angle. Am I four ever tagged
                to you displeasing Parisienne evening? Tear open the pain
and butter freely while warm. Home-maid is best
for service cleaning while you make light work of it.
                Love looks more and more like louvers
when you try to sms this ♥ and find only glasnost
                common ownership is now a closed window,
                               text only tampering provokes sudden fonts:
                                              I am wooden blocked.

Ann Vickery is a Melbourne-based writer and critic. She is the author of Leaving Lines of Gender: A Feminist Genealogy (2000) and Stressing the Modern: Cultural Politics in Australian Women’s Poetry (2007). She is a founding member and past editor-in-chief of HOW2. Recent poems have appeared in Rabbit and Steamer.
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Blogger Corey said...

these poems are totally toothsome, a strangely onomatopoeic instigator proceeds in these poems scramble by scramble, I think an oral presentation of this poem would fail every time to actuate the consciousness here of the preceding and succeeding phrases in each term; it'd be like speaking with your mouth full.

11:07 AM  

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