Gustave Morin


Helicopters on Demand! (from A Penny Dreadful)


Voodoo under the L

First Class

Hyperglyph (from A Penny Dreadful)

another zen cartoon

Gustave Morin has been sniffing the keyholes of our cultural, political and sociological margins for over 20 years, publishing, exhibiting and performing his varied works in a variety of contexts, including pages, stages, walls, screens and in the mail. Currently, having crowded a room with typewriters, he is actively involved in fulfilling one of his lifelong ambitions by producing (or attempting to produce) the final word on the typewriter poem, a topic rarely tackled in literature. A very preliminary selection of this work is forthcoming through Renegade Press as KNULL AND VORTEXT, (several pieces from which appeared in Otoliths issue 21).
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